Small Parts

Linear-Pull Brake Noodles & Boots

Brake noodles feature stainless steel tubes with alloy tips

Linear-Pull Brake Noodles & Boots Context
Part No. Description
BSA030 BSA030

Brake Noodle 90°

BSA033 BSA033

Brake Noodle 83°

BSA031 BSA031

Brake Noodle 135°

BSA032 BSA032

POP Brake Noodle 90° (Designed specially for Kevlar®-reinforced brake housing)

Part No. Description
BSA041 BSA041

Flexible Brake Noodle

CHA089 CHA089

Fits 5mm housing, designed specially for Kevlar®-reinforced compression-less brake housing to work with noodles and adjusters with a smaller inner diameter.

BSA047 BSA047

Pipe / V-Brake Boot