Disc Brake Pads

SRAM® / Avid®

Mountain Sport
Mountain Sport
High performance, low noise semi-metallic compound mounted to a steel backing plate.

Mountain Pro
Mountain Pro
A lightweight aluminum backing plate and high performance semi-metallic compound reduce weight by almost 50%, perfect for cross-country riding.

Mountain Extreme
Mountain Pro Extreme
An aggressive sintered compound is mounted to a vented, steel backing plate. These pads are perfect for wet conditions or downhill riding.

Brake Models Part No.
SRAM® Guide Ultimate, RSC, RS, R, Avid® Trail
  • DCA098 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA100 : Mountain Pro
  • DCA598 : Mountain Pro Extreme
SRAM® Red 22 B1, Force 22, CX1, Rival 22, S700 B1 Hydraulic Disc
  • DCA099 : Mountain Sport
SRAM® DB5, DB3, DB1, Avid® Elixir R, CR, CR Mag, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, X.0, XX, World cup
  • DCA079 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA075 : Mountain Pro
  • DCA579 : Mountain Pro Extreme
  • BWD1002 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
Audible Pad Replacement Warning Fits: Avid® Elixir brakes
  • DCA086 : Mountain Sport
Avid® BB7, All Juicy Models
  • DCA064 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA066 : Mountain Pro
  • DCA564 : Mountain Pro Extreme
  • BWD1003 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
Avid® BB5
  • DCA065 : Mountain Sport
  • BWD1001 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)

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