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Mountain Elite Link Shift

New from Jagwire, this corrosion free aluminum link housing is the ultimate combination of durability and attention grabbing looks. Now available in 5 colors – it’s designed to enhance your performance and appearance.

The aluminum link construction delivers some major benefits. It’s compressionless, which means precision shifting, but it also allows for tight bends without kinking during tricky cable runs. It’s also 20% lighter than traditional shift housing while being more durable. Combine these benefits with our Teflon® coated cables and slick-lube liners that dramatically reduce friction and you’ve got the best of performance and style.

  • Durable, aluminum housing won’t kink or rust
  • Precise, compressionless shifting performance
  • 20% lighter than traditional housings
Mountain Elite Link Shift Package Mountain Elite Link Shift Context
Part No. Color
MCK550 MCK550Black
MCK551 MCK551Silver
MCK552 MCK552Gold
Part No.Color
MCK553 MCK553Red
MCK554 MCK554Blue

Open section indicator Specifications


Housing Construction: Aluminum Links
w/Slick-Lube Liner
Compatibility: SRAM®/Shimano®
Front Cable Length: 1500 mm
Rear Cable Length: 2300 mm
Housing Length: 450mm w/920mm Lubed Liner
450mm w/2000mm Lubed Liner
380mm w/1100mm Lubed Liner
w/1300mm Lubed Liner
Cables: Teflon® Coated
Slick Stainless
Outside Diameter: 5.0mm
Small Parts: 30 Links
15 Mini Tube Tops
6 Cable Donuts
2 Cable Tips
2 Rotating Hooks
2 Adapter End Caps to 4mm Shift Housing
1 Dirt Guard