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Mountain Pro Brake

Now available in 11 colors, Jagwire Mountain Pro Brake kits are the perfect way to bring your style to your bike, all while enhancing braking performance and durability.

Our Kevlar® reinforced housing dramatically improves braking power for both mechanical disc and V-type brake systems. 30% lighter than traditional brake housing and easy to install, a Mountain Pro kit using our L3 liner technology will deliver miles of smooth, precise performance.

Mountain Pro Brake Package Mountain Pro Brake Context
Part No. Color
MCK428 MCK428Black
MCK400 MCK400Black Carbon
MCK404 MCK404Orange
MCK406 MCK406Organic Green
MCK410 MCK410White
MCK412 MCK412Red
Part No.Color
MCK414 MCK414SID Blue
MCK416 MCK416Carbon Silver
MCK418 MCK418Sterling Silver
MCK420 MCK420Titanium
MCK422 MCK422Gold Medal

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Housing Construction: Kevlar® Reinforced w/Slick-Lube Liner
Compatibility: SRAM®/Shimano® Mountain
Front Cable Length: 1350mm
Rear Cable Length: 2350mm
Housing Length: 3000mm
Cables: Teflon® Coated Slick Stainless
Outside Diameter: 5.0 mm
Small Parts: 4 Lined End Caps
2 POP End Caps
3 Cable Donuts
2 4G Tube Tops
2 Cable Tips
2 Rotating Hooks
650mm Sealing Liner