Hydraulic Hose

Mountain Pro Quick-Fit™ Adaptor Kits

Designed to work seamlessly with our Mountain Pro Hydraulic hose, Jagwire Quick-Fit™ adapters are the perfect way to enhance braking performance and durability.

Each adapter kit contains all the components required to connect Jagwire Mountain Pro Hydraulic hoses to popular brakes from SRAM, Avid, Shimano, Formula, Hope, Hayes, Magura, and Tektro.

Kits include enough hardware for one bicycle.

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Compatible Models Part No.

SRAM® Guide Ultimate, Avid® XX World Cup 2010-2011, XX™ 2010-2011, Juicy Ultimate™, Juicy Carbon, Juicy Seven™, Juicy Five™

HFA201 HFA201

SRAM® Guide RSC, RS, R, DB5, Avid® Elixir R, CR, CR Mag, 5, 7, 9, XO, XX 2012+, XX World Cup 2012, 7 Trail, 9 Trail, XO Trail

HFA202 HFA202

Avid Code, Code 5, Elixir 1, 3, Juicy 3, DB3, DB1

HFA206 HFA206


Compatible Models Part No.

XTR M975, Deore XT M775, SLX M665, Deore LX T665, M585, Hone M601, Deore T615, M595, M535, M525, Alfine S501, S500, Alivio M4050, Non-Series T605, T445, M575, M505, M486, M485, M447, M446, M445, M395, M355

HFA301 HFA301

Saint M810

HFA302 HFA302

XTR M9020, M9000, M988, M987, M985, Saint M820, Deore XT M8000, M785, T785, SLX M675, M666, ZEE M640, Alfine S700

HFA306 HFA306

Deore LX T675, Deore M615, M596

HFA310 HFA310


Compatible Models Part No.

Gustav M 2000—2010,
Marta 2007—2010,
Marta Gold 2007,
Marta SL 2008–2010

HFA401 HFA401

Clara 2000—2002,
Gustav M 2000—2011,
Julie HP 2009, Marta 2002—2010,
Marta SL 2003—2011,
Marta Gold 2007,
Louise 2000—2010,
Louise FR 2002—2006,
Louise BAT 2008—2010,
Louise Carbon 2008—2010

HFA402 HFA402

MT8, MT7, MT6, MT5, MT4

HFA406 HFA406


Compatible Models Part No.


HFA501 HFA501

R1R, R1, RO, RX, T1, Mega

HFA502 HFA502


Compatible Models Part No.

Prime Expert, Prime Pro,
Stroker Trail, Stroker Carbon,
Stroker Ace, Stroker Gram

HFA601 HFA601

Dyno, Stroker Ryde

HFA602 HFA602


Compatible Models Part No.

Tech 3 X2, E4, V4, Race Evo X2, E4, M4, Tech Evo X2, M4, V2, Race X2, Tech X2, M4, V2, Mini, Mini Trials, Mono Mini, Mono M4, 6TI, Moto V2, M6, Hope Banjo

HFA701 HFA701


Compatible Models Part No.

Auriga Comp,
Auriga Comp WS,
Draco WS,
Draco 2

HFA801 HFA801

Auriga Pro

HFA802 HFA802