Brake Pads

Mountain Sport

Compatible with linear pull and cantilever braking systems, the Mountain Sport brake pads are available in your choice of bright colors or standard black and gray. Featuring the tried and true all-weather compound, Mountain Sport brake pads deliver the performance you demand.

Mountain Sport Package Mountain Sport Context
Part No. Description
JS908T JS908T

Comp Mountain XC

JS908T-Y JS908T-Y

Comp Mountain XC

JS908T-R JS908T-R

Comp Mountain XC

JS908T-P JS908T-P

Comp Mountain XC

JS908T-B JS908T-B

Comp Mountain XC

JS908T-G JS908T-G

Comp Mountain XC

Part No. Description
JS908H JS908H

Comp Mountain XC Canti

JS909H JS909H

Comp Mountain Canti, 70mm

JS910H JS910H

Comp Mountain Canti, 53mm

BWP1001 BWP1001


BWP1002 BWP1002

X-Caliper, Card/20

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No matter the color, all Basics Comp pads use the same all-weather pad compound

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