Disc Brake Pads


Mountain Sport
Mountain Sport
High performance, low noise semi-metallic compound mounted to a steel backing plate.

Mountain Pro
Mountain Pro
A lightweight aluminum backing plate and high performance semi-metallic compound reduce weight by almost 50%, perfect for cross-country riding.

Mountain Extreme
Mountain Pro Extreme
An aggressive sintered compound is mounted to a vented, steel backing plate. These pads are perfect for wet conditions or downhill riding.

Brake Models Part No.
XTR M985, M988, Deore XT M785, SLX M666, M675, Deore M615, Alfine S700, Non-Series CX77, R515, R517
  • DCA085 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA084 : Mountain Pro
  • DCA585 : Mountain Pro Extreme
  • BWD2003 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
XTR M965, M966, M975, Saint M800, Deore XT M765, M775, M776, SLX M665, Deore LX M585, T665, Hone M601, Deore M535, M595, M596, Alfine S500, S501, Non-Series M545, R505, T605
  • DCA027 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA070 : Mountain Pro
  • DCA527 : Mountain Pro Extreme
  • BWD2002 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
XT M755, M755-DH
  • DCA003 : Mountain Sport
  • DCA067 : Mountain Pro
Deore M515, M515-LA, M515-LA-M, M525, Nexave C501, C601, Non-Series M375, M395, M415, M416, M446, M465, M475, M485, M486
  • DCA016 : Mountain Sport
  • BWD2001 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
Deore M555, M555-M, Nexave C901
  • DCA015 : Mountain Sport

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