Small Parts

Universal Pro End Cap Packs

  • Universal Pro End Cap Packs contain enough end caps to easily hop-up the housing on one bicycle.  Kits contain:
    • Ten 4mm (4.5mm for braided-look housing) derailleur sealed end caps
    • Six 5mm brake open-end caps
    • Four cable tips
Universal Pro End Cap Packs Context
Fits 4mm
Part No. Color
CHA094-SJ CHA094-SJ Silver
CHA094-OJ CHA094-OJ Gold
CHA094-RJ CHA094-RJ Red
CHA094-UJ CHA094-UJ Blue
CHA094-EJ CHA094-EJ Green
Fits 4.5mm
Part No. Color
CHA099-SJ CHA099-SJ Silver
CHA099-OJ CHA099-OJ Gold
CHA099-RJ CHA099-RJ Red
CHA099-UJ CHA099-UJ Blue
CHA099-EJ CHA099-EJ Green