Disc Brake Pads

Tektro® / TRP®

Mountain Sport
Mountain Sport
High performance, low noise semi-metallic compound mounted to a steel backing plate.

Mountain Pro
Mountain Pro
A lightweight aluminum backing plate and high performance semi-metallic compound reduce weight by almost 50%, perfect for cross-country riding.

Mountain Extreme
Mountain Pro Extreme
An aggressive sintered compound is mounted to a vented, steel backing plate. These pads are perfect for wet conditions or downhill riding.

Brake Models Part No.
Tektro® Volans, Auriga Twin, Auriga SUB, Auriga E-SUB, TRP® Parabox 2011 Rear
  • DCA089 : Mountain Sport
Tektro® Aquila, Auriga, Auriga E-Comp, Auriga Pro, Draco, Draco 2, Draco WS, Gemini, HD330, Orion, TRP® HY/RD, Hylex, Parabox 2012, Spyre, Spyre SLC, Spyke
  • DCA016 : Mountain Sport
  • BWD2001 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
Tektro® IO
  • DCA077 : Mountain Sport
  • BWD3001 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)
Tektro® Lyra
  • DCA078 : Mountain Sport
TRP® Dash, Dash Carbon, Parabox 2011 Front
  • DCA027 : Mountain Sport
  • BWD2002 : Mountain Sport (Bulk)

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