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We’re happy to support Krista in her free-roaming bike-racing endeavors.  She describes it the best: “My husband Todd and I are both Electrical Engineers. In the fall of 2006, after 7 years of working for Motorola as a Design Engineer, I quit my job, we sold our home, … we bought a 40’ motorhome, and began traveling the USA full-time.”

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New Pop-top Camper Van

Now that I am living in Durango CO the big rig is for sale, please pass on to anyone who may be interested. Pictures and details HERE (or see tab above). Selling it for what is still owed on the mortgage. New (little) rig!!! Custom Camper Van: I was excited this year to design/buy a new (used) van. Looking for the new van I called Tim at DenverFleet (recommended by my friend to describe the van I was looking for, 4x4 or AWD, used, cargo, and something I can put a pop-top on. Within a week or two Tim found the perfect van, 2010 Chevy Express AWD cargo, I purchased it based on photos/emails only. Tim drove the van to Derek at ColoradoCamperVan for the pop-top.   Derek installed the most amazing 3.5 foot pop-top complete with bed cushions and stackable bed/ceiling platform, LED lighting, silent electric motor-driven pop-up control (with remote), three layer windows all around (1. opaque gray, 2. clear to see out but stay warm, and 3. a screen), a Fantastick fan and Yakima rails. He also insulted the floor and walls. Upstairs/ Bed Derek then trailered the van to I was extremely impressed with the turnaround time and pricing on the wrap.…

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