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We’re happy to support Krista in her free-roaming bike-racing endeavors.  She describes it the best: “My husband Todd and I are both Electrical Engineers. In the fall of 2006, after 7 years of working for Motorola as a Design Engineer, I quit my job, we sold our home, … we bought a 40’ motorhome, and began traveling the USA full-time.”

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Product Review 2014 Part 5 of 5, SRM, CarboRocket, Raxter Bike Rack, G-Form Pads, Oakley Eyewear, ProGold Products, Game Ready, Chamois Butt'r, Primal Wear, Custom Helmet Art, Jagwire, FRS.

This is my final post reviewing product we were lucky enough to have used in 2014.  I am now working on our 2015 clinic schedule, please contact me if you are interested in adding your location to our travel schedule.  Reviews con't SRM Power Meter: The best power meter on the market, it's the most accurate and still the gold standard for all power meters.  The SRM assembly is sealed against rain, sand, mud, and cleaning, doesn't drift with temperature fluctuations, and the auto offset really works. You do lose the ability to quickly change the chainring on the trail since you have to pull the crank to change the chainring.  It's a super-quick job, but you need to have a larger allen wrench than I typically carry on the trail.Pictured below the SRM is the normal XX1 spider and chainring. SRM utilizes a 110 BCD so the the XX1 chainring will not fit. A Wolftooth or Race Face wide-narrow chainring is used instead and a 30tooth ring is the smallest that will fit on the SRM spider. Regular CarboRocket Energy/Electrolyte Drink: I use this for shorter rides/races, or rides with breaks; social all-mountain style or all-out races under 1.5-2 hours. specs: More sodium -…

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