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Team Topeak/Ergon USA is a force to be reckoned with in long-distance and endurance mountain bike racing. The team is comprised of Leadville legend Dave Wiens, 12 and 24-hour solo specialist Jeff Kerkove, endurance pro Sonya Looney, ultra endurance rider Yuki Sato and power couple Eddie and Namrita O’dea.

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REPORT: Rincon de la Vieja MTB Challenge 100 (RVC100)

Back to Costa Rica! Last year I was very fortunate to meet Juan Carlos and have him extend me an invite to come down and race Latin America's first and only 100-mile mtb event, the Rincon de la Vieja Challenge MTB 100. This year he did the same and I brought with me Karen and Sonya. Last year I went into the race a mere 6 days after finishing the Breck-Epic Stage Race. My only goal in 2013 was to take the lingering fatigue and ride as fast as possible, hope for the best. I finished 8th in a time of about 7.5 hours.This year, I was fresh, knew the course, and had different goals. For the 2014 RVC100 I wanted to finish closer to 7 hours and place better in the standings. I equipped myself with the Canyon Lux CF full-suspension with a XX1 32T chain ring. Last year I had a hard tail and a 30T ring. The hard tail about killed me as the course is super rough from start to finish.Off the plane, Costa Rica was a lot cooler than in 2013. For the 2 days leading up to the race, conditions were dry and cool.…

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Sonya Looney