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We specialize in one thing, and we do it well.

Twenty years ago the Jagwire brand was born with the simple goal of providing the best shifting and braking systems for bicycle riders, dealers and manufacturers. We’re honored and humbled that our products have been so widely accepted in the industry for so many years and that our business continues to grow.

And while we’re continuously focused on the future and developing the best assortment of bike products possible, we want to take a few minutes to celebrate this milestone and thanks all of our partners and customers.

Continuing our tradition of offering exciting, innovative new components, we have many new products set for release during our 20th anniversary year:

  • Pro Polished Slick Cables (STS-PS) - Falling in line between the Sport level slick stainless and high end Elite cables, the new Pro Polished series will replace all Teflon®-coated cables in the current line. This includes single cables, fileboxes and Pro level DIY kits. Available in both brake and shift kits with SRAM®, Shimano®, and Campagnolo® compatibility. With the addition of the Pro Polished cables, we now offer riders durable, coating-free cable options that from basic up to the elite level.
  • Pro Shift Housing (XEX-SL) - An additional upgrade to the Pro level kits, the new XEX Pro Lightweight shift housing is now 30% lighter than traditional housing. This lighter weight is the result of incorporating a proprietary diamond weave pattern of steel strands. This new structure delivers the precise shifting performance riders are used to with linear strand housing but at a much reduced weight. XEX shift housing will be available in all Jagwire Pro Shift DIY kits.
  • Sport Organic Disc Brake Pads - In addition to our current semi-metallic, lightweight semi-metallic, and sintered brake pads, we are now adding organic brake pads that complete assortment. This full range of brake pads gives dealers a full range of options to satisfy any customer, no matter the type of riding they’re doing.
  • Stealth Black color - A new Stealth Black color option will be added to all Pro level cable and hose DIY kits. Designed to match matte-finished frames, this housing features a matte black finish with subtle, complimenting gloss black logos.
  • 20th Anniversary Elite Link DIY Kits - The entire line of Elite Link cable kits - Road and Mountain, Brake and Shift - will now feature the Elite Ultra-Slick uncoated inner cables for increased performance and durability. Additionally, we will offer a limited number of 20th Anniversary Edition kits. These will have black link segments but also include 6 accent links of each other color - gold, silver, red and blue - allowing the rider to further personalize their bike.
  • Elite CR2 Rotor - Picking up where the CR1 rotor left off, the new CR2 Cooling Rotor is designed to offer all of the cooling performance as it’s predecessor, but with increased durability. Typically the most vulnerable piece of any cooling rotor is the thin aluminum cooling fins, but with a new design the combines the fins and spider the CR2 reduces that weak point. And because this piece is machined out of a single piece of aluminum the weight increase versus a standard rotor is kept minimal

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