Bicycle OEM and Industrial Cable Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Jagwire has a relentless commitment to quality. We continually improve our products by soliciting customer feedback, investing in research and development and refining our technology and manufacturing processes. Partnering with Toyota, we integrated the highly efficient Toyota Production System (TPS). Our balanced blend of automation and manual processes helps us manage flow and volume, resulting in impeccable quality and efficiency. And our one-piece flow system significantly reduces production lead times, allowing us to turn an order in as little as 48 hours. Jagwire guarantees 30-day factory lead-time for overseas orders.

Value of Doing Business with Jagwire

Jagwire is an ISO 9001 / TS-16949 company and RoHS* certified by the European Union for restricting the use of lead in its products. Our expertise in cables is not limited to bicycles. You’ll see our products in nearly any industry requiring non-conductive wire, including:

  • Aerospace (Customized assemblies for aircraft seating)
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Motorized Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Automobile

Leave it to the A-Team

Jagwire is a member of the Taiwan A-Team, a group of manufacturers that explores issues related to the bike industry. Together, we develop improved business strategies and tactics to reduce lead times, improve quality and cut defects and waste. Fully committed to process improvement, our experienced engineering staff is always looking for ways to:

  • Save customers time and money
  • Enhance quality and value innovation
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Custom Manufacturing

Our expertise is not limited to our roster of proprietary products. We also serve as a source manufacturer, custom-building designs for different industries around the world. Our parent company, Chia Cherne Company (CCC) Ltd. offers nearly limitless capabilities to create products to your specifications. CCC operates major production facilities in Taiwan, China and Indonesia Malaysia, and has a finishing factory for cable assembly in Belgium.

Why Order Pre-assembled Kits from Jagwire?

Working with bulk materials slows down the assembly process. CCC was one of the first companies to offer custom, pre-cut, pre-assembled cable and housing to the OEM bicycle market.

Pre Production

A production manager from your company determines the optimum length for cable and housing. We produce it according to your specifications. Because everything is pre-cut, clean finished and ready to use, there is less waste.

Environmental Compliance

Lead Free
Jagwire complies with all U.S. and European Union regulations regarding the use of lead, dyes and PVC products.

Extensive Sourcing for Raw Materials

We conduct an exhaustive sourcing review for all raw materials, eliminating any products with lead or banned chemicals. However, though we have eliminated lead from the majority of our products, certain finishes and housings contain trace amounts of lead. These include faux-finished housings like gold, steel and silver. The lead is completely sealed in a protective coating of polyurethane, preventing any contact with human skin. These products meet all international guidelines for the safe handling of lead.


We recycle all zinc from die-cast for cable terminators. Additionally, all excess wire is retained and recycled.

Work Environment and Quality of Life

Jagwire is committed to providing its employees with a safe, healthy, climate-controlled work environment, a living wage and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. In fact, most of our managers are groomed from within the company.


Proposition 65:


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