• Anti-Kink

    Jagwire anti-kink end caps are made with a flexible tip to eliminate kinks or cracks in the housing where there are tight bends or repeated motion. These are perfect for use with folding bikes, suspension lockouts, dropper seatposts and handcycles.

    • When to use: Use anti-kink end caps on any area of the bike where shift or brake housing has extreme or tight bends.
  • POP

    POP (Point Of Power) end caps are designed specifically for use with 5mm compressionless brake housing. This type of housing requires an end cap, but not all frames and brake calipers are built to accept a standard-size end cap. POP end caps act as a reducer, allowing compressionless housing to be used in these situations.

    • When to use: If you’re upgrading to compressionless housing POP end caps are needed with some brakes that aren’t built for end caps.
  • Open

    Open end caps deliver low friction performance and are less expensive, but do little to protect the system from contaminates. Great for use on bikes with uncoated cables in areas with a lower chance of contamination from water or dirt, they are available in multiple sizes, materials and colors.

    • When to use: Use open end caps when little protection from dirt is needed in areas such as levers.
  • Lined

    Lined end caps have an internal sleeve that extends out from the end. This liner protects the inner cable from the opening in the end cap, preventing cable coatings from wearing off and ensuring the lowest possible friction. Lined end caps can also be paired with a sealing liner or a dirt guard to keep dirt and grime out of the housing.

    • When to use: Use lined end caps whenever you use Teflon®-coated cables to protect the coating.
  • Sealed

    Sealed end caps are an excellent choice for shift systems when you’re looking to balance low friction performance with protection against contaminants. A lower friction option than a hooded end cap, sealed end caps have an internal rubber o-ring to help keep the housing clean and dry.

    • When to use: Install sealed end caps when you want protection from dirt and debris, but also want to keep friction to a minimum in areas like frame stops.
  • Hooded

    Hooded end caps are the ultimate solution for preventing water, dirt and debris from entering the housing. A high-quality rubber seal provides an extra layer of protection keeping contaminants out and maintaining optimal cable performance. These are best used in the dirtiest spots on the bike, like the rear derailleur.

    • When to use: Install hooded end caps on areas of the bike that need the most protection from dirt and debris such as the rear derailleur.