Pro Needle Driver

Installing hydraulic hose fittings shouldn’t be done using a hammer. The delicate brass fittings in the end of a hydraulic hose can be easily crimped or not installed flush with the end of the hose. This results in potentially poor brake performance. The Jagwire Pro Needle Driver ensures proper alignment of the needle fitting, making installation quick and easy.

  • Quickly installs needle inserts with a squeeze of the handle
  • 2-way clamp fits 5.0 and 5.5mm hydraulic hose and features adjustable tension
  • Needle Starter pin to quickly and confidently set needle insert into hose
  • Textured handle grip for comfortable operation
  • For use with unthreaded needle inserts

Pro Needle Driver

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Pro Needle Driver
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What's Included

What's included in the packaging for Pro Needle Driver
  • Jagwire Hydraulic Tools